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  • So you want to buy a new scooter?

    One of the great things about San Francisco is that its home to some of the best scooter shops in the country.  If you can’t find your scooter in San Francisco it may not be worth finding.  Every brand worth owning is sold in our great city, from new Vespas to Hondas.  My hope is after doing a little research we will earn your trust and business.  We get asked almost every day “What do you have out the door new for under two grand?”.  Here are a few links that will help answer that question.

    The first is from a fine site loaded with info called Two Stroke Buzz


    The second is from my good friend and fellow shop owner Phil Waters concerning Chinese scooters


    A great place to learn about Genuine Scooters from the people who ride them is Modern Buddy.  Introduce yourself and then ask “would you buy a Genuine Scooter”


    To learn about Vespas from the people who ride them check out Modern Vespa


    If you have thick skin and want a vintage ride try


    and Barry’s favorite place for everything Lambretta is


    Our advise is to do a little research on Google.  Try key words like scooter, San Francisco, the city you live in, or use the brand you are interested in and then check out our store and any others you like in person.  It is good to know who you are talking to and ask the people who work in the shop questions like “Do you own a scooter?  How long have you worked here?”.  Also ask to see the parts supply and service area, talk to a mechanic who works there and see what they ride and like to work on.  We will be happy to answer any questions about any scooter, even brands we do not sell.  Sometimes the perfect scooter for you is somewhere other than our store.  For example if you want a maxi scooter or something with three wheels we will send you to a shop that carries those models. We want you to find the perfect ride for your needs!  You may forward Barry Gwin, the owner, a link or craigslist advertisement and he will let you know what he thinks.  Feel free to contact us through Barry’s email address,  barry@sfscootercentre.com.

    Keep the rubber on the road!

    Barry and the San Francisco Scooter Centre Staff

    Buying a scooter

    by: Barry

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